Amazonia: Gone far to land inside me

Nov 2019

Amazonia: Gone far to land inside me

In August 2019, I had the chance to spend 10 days in the Amazon rainforest thanks to Pachama Alliance. I am writing the luck because I won this trip by drawing lots. 


We visited three Achuar communities. These communities start their day by telling each other their dreams, they interpret them and that is how they decide on their programme. I was struck by their delicacy and thoughtfulness. Listening to our comfort even for things that were superfluous to them. It is a clear prejudice: I was surprised to find this sensitivity in people who live in such a rustic way. I suppose that being alert in the forest develops this quality of thoughtfulness towards others.
These communities, by living in the forest without modern comforts, are the guardians and protectors of these territories. They defend the forest against oil or timber exploitation.

I also had a great time at the foot of a Kapokier; these are the tallest trees in the Amazon rainforest. At their foot, the roots are visible and they form folds. Each fold was like a small cave, a shelter in which to snuggle. We each chose one of them to recollect and meditate. This is one of the deepest moments of my journey.
I felt the vulnerability of this immense forest; there was no fire on my side, but some trees were not at the same stage as others of the same species. For example, the majority were green-leafed and many others were in a late fall stage. According to the guides, these trees have lost their bearings as a result of global warming.

    So I came back with the will to be even more careful about what I consume: less plastic, less meat, less water. Consume less and better in general. Buy better quality to keep longer. Re-use and buy second-hand. I'm looking for what I can do to reduce my footprint on the Earth even more, to make myself lighter.

Man is not on Earth to tame nature, it is nature that has so much to teach us. To become more responsible, to commit ourselves so that our children can live better. This is part of the values of the Medicine Movement. I can't explain how and why, but the more I become aware of my body, the more I become aware of the quality of my relationships with others and the environment in which I live. What seemed complicated or too much effort a few months ago suddenly becomes obvious, the least I can do. And even if it requires more time and effort. I find solutions to make my life in the modern world more in harmony with nature without losing anything of the possibilities offered by the progress of an ethical and responsible science.

Kapawi Amazon


My 100 days of dancing


On August 17, I challenged myself to dance for 100 days and post 25 seconds of that dance every day.

My intention for this challenge is to dare to dance the dance of my life and for everyone to find the inner resources to dance the dance of their own life.

Here's the video and 13th week

Daily themes or intentions

  • Monday : 3min of calm: Just listen
  • Tuesday : The heart chambers playlist - part 2
  • Wednesday: part 3
  • Thursday : part 4 
  • Friday: part 5
  • Saturday : Conclusion : Don't stay too long on your computers
  • Sunday: The heart chambers playlist - part 7


1f3b6.png Music

  1. Lava by Thomasz Kraal
  2. Storm by The Bronx Drummers
  3. Cargo by Les Tambours du Bronx
  4. Ludovico Einaudi's experience
  5. Clouds, The Mind on the (re)Wind by Ezio Bosso
  6. The snow prelude no 15 by Ludovic Einaudi
  7. Dead again by Asa

Find the weekly recap' of the 100 Days of Dance Challenge

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Where and when to practice

Would you like to try? You are welcome in your physical condition of the moment, with or without without experience dance experience.

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