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Developing emotional intelligence

thanks to body knowledge

Using body expression to increase emotional intelligence

Getting to know yourself through your body 

Centering, self-confidence, interpersonal communication and bonding

  • By increasing self-awareness, Movement Medicine helps you to manage your emotions more effectively. Refocusing on oneself increases presence and self-confidence. Finally, learning to assert yourself and set limits brings clarity to your relationships.

  • A Movement Medicine workshop enables you to refocus on yourself and your sensations, and let go of the stresses of everyday life. At the end of the workshop, participants feel more relaxed and available.

  • Exercises for 2 or 3 people help to develop a relationship that is not centered on words. Sharing this experience together creates a bond that facilitates further exchanges.

Movement Medicine is a practice from conscious dance that allows you to let go and connect with your body. It's a meditation in movement and music, with the teacher offering inspirational leads that give intention to the movement. The body becomes the means of expression and the dance space an exploration ground. By moving each part of the body separately, we learn to know ourselves better.

Developing presence through dance


Embody skills to make them your own physically and deploy them naturally


Learning through experience and feeling in the laboratory space of danced movement.

Target skills :

  • Developing self-confidence
  • Assert yourself with clarity and accuracy
  • Develop your medium-term vision
  • Improving interpersonal skills: Clarifying relationships with colleagues and collaborators
Seminar together


Start a seminar with a body practice to explore a different way of relating to others


A bodily workshop to bring each person's presence back into the moment. An introduction to relationships through movement - without words.

Letting go of the daily grind and developing team spirit:

Professional seminars are ideal for developing team spirit and interpersonal skills within teams. They usually take place outside the company, to get managers away from their day-to-day tasks. They enable them to focus on a vision, a longer-term project or the resolution of a problem. All this in a convivial atmosphere that encourages exchange and sharing of experience.

well-being at work workshop

Well-being at work

Letting go and feeling better thanks to our conscious dance

Well-being in the workplace

A 1-hour one-off or regular practice to reconnect with your body. No expectations, no performance. Simply listen to your body and take care of it.

A feeling of relaxation, of being alive and well:

Through its invitation to concentrate on breathing and body sensations, conscious dance leads to letting go. By allowing blocked emotions to be expressed, it creates a real sense of liberation and a feeling of being alive.

Nothing to do or think about, for 1 hour you simply move to the rhythm of the music and your inner sensations, supported by the teacher's instructions. No choreography, the basic dance is walking. Participants are often astonished by how easily they can move, forgetting about the gaze of others. 



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