Free your dance

In Aix en Provence, dance to feel more present, alive, connected and free!

Free dance in Aix en Provence

Carried away by the music,
we allow movements to emerge
that release tension and unblock the mind

This dance class is a time to pay attention to oneself and one's body to develop a caring relationship and cultivate acceptance.

You can follow my movements but it's more about finding your own way of moving and feeling. First, theFirst, the guidance (my spoken instructions) helps you to allow yourself to take time for yourself. Secondly, porking about body sensations helps to get the emotions flowing. Finally, music serves as inspiration. Enveloping, it makes you feel secure and comfortable. Dynamic, it draws you into the movement. Ethnic, exotic or classical, it opens your imagination.

Tuesdays from 7.30 to 9.30 pm in Aix en Provence

Each week I offer a Movement Medicine workshop.

Movement Medicine, formerly called Dance Medicine, is a meditation in movement and music. We set our intention and then let the body respond. We move gently to get closer to ourselves. We take the time to listen to our needs. Then we widen our circle of attention to fully take our place in the group.

Meeting point from 7.20 pm at the Salle Ruocco in Aix-en-Provence. Thisclass is open to all with or without dance experience, come and discover even during the year.

◊ ◊ In September and June: classes are held outdoors In September and June: Meet at the Val de l'Arc Complex

Discover free dance - Free trial class in September


For a first experience, I propose a discovery rate of 10€. It is possible to discover at any time of the year the year.

Afterwards, you can choose between a session (without obligation), a card of 10 lessons or a yearly subscription.

As with most activities, coming regularly helps to create a routine to install the practice and its benefits in your life.

If pricing is a concern for you, contact me so we can work together to find a solution that is fair to you and me.

Find us in Aix-en-Provence

In September and Junein the open air:

at the Val de l'Arc Complex

Chemin des infirmeries - Aix-en-Provence

On the GPS : Complexe Sportif du Val de L'arc

Bus stop : Val de l'Arc  

Free parking

Once you arrive: walk in the direction of the Modjo restaurant, arrive on the lawn, leave the restaurant on your right and cross straight.

From October to the end of May, we dance in the big room Ruocco


Ruocco Complex Dance Hall

348, Ave Gaston Berger


Location in Google maps: Ruocco Hall

Bus stop : Fenouillères

Free parking

outdoor meeting point card
Photo Ruocco Hall

Letting go of the masks. Dare to be authentic.

A little shy? Try the Individual Session

Listening - Intimacy - Personalized approach

Book an individual session just for you. To discover step by step, without the pressure of the group. To put some movement back into a particular recurring or blocked theme.


I found... "A safe haven where authenticity is freely available with Tenderness and Love."


Free dances and in particular the Movement Medicine changed my life by changing the way I perceive the world and interact with others. Find in my blog, experience sharing to understand how the danced movement can become a great tool for transformation and self-healing.

Danse Libre in Aix-en-Provence - September 2022

Danse Libre in Aix-en-Provence - September 2022

Danse Libre's new season in Aix en Provence. Did you dance this summer? Did you take some time for yourself? There is still time. I like to take advantage of the vacations until the last drop. I like to have a moment of pleasure on the last night. It helps me stay in the moment.

Dancing to reinvent yourself

Dancing to reinvent yourself

In this article, I share a personal review after 3 years of being able to teach Movement Medicine full time with no financial stake. It's even more personal and intimate than usual. If you only want to collect pictures of perfect women...

? Dancing your anger

? Dancing your anger

Is anger taboo in your home? You don't want to see it - You wish it didn't exist - If only you could get rid of it? But it's not. Like all emotions, anger is a source of learning and development. Containing your anger consumes...