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Yippee, it's back to school!

August 2022

A new school year at conscious dance in Aix-en-Provence

Back to school conscious dance in Aix en Provence.
Have you been dancing this summer? Did you take some time for yourself? 
There's still time.
I like to enjoy vacations to the last drop. Organizing a moment of pleasure on the last evening. It helps me to stay in the present moment (with my body) and not let the mind project me into the future.
For my part, I'm eager to share my summer discoveries with you. To keep you waiting, you'll find in this article: a BIG thank you, a look back at Long Dance and a sharing of what drives me to teach Movement Medicine.

First of all, THANK YOU 

Thank you to everyone who came to dance last season. Hearing those who came regularly talk about how they felt more comfortable in their bodies at the end of the year was a great gift.

Thank you for your commitment to the courses, which have been more profound, with magical moments in the mornings during the Water and Air courses.

Thank you for your participation in the Summer Long Dance fundraising campaign. We have raised and donated 464€ to Pachamama Alliance, which will go towards preserving the Amazon rainforest. Depending on your point of view, this may seem like a lot of money or a drop in the ocean. All in all, the Summer Long Dance participants raised almost a hundred thousand euros for the charities closest to their hearts. Not too shabby?

Thank you for spreading the word about Movement Medicine around you: by talking about it, sharing the newsletter and posting on social networks. It's a huge support to feel you're with me in building our community of dancers.


News from Long Dance

At the heart of the early summer covid wave,

150 dancers flown in from all over the world via disorganized airports and rail networks,

The pandemic did not spare us, and the ceremony had to be cut short.

All our fervor condensed into the 12 hours we allowed ourselves.

Your intentions were carried and danced with all the energy and grace of our hearts.

And then we decided to face reality.

Life was inviting us (once again) to dance a different dance from the one we had planned, to take a different path.

I can't find the words to explain it. Of course, it's no coincidence that the Summer Long Dance lasts 72 hours, and 12 hours is not the same thing. Yet, when I think of my intention for this ceremony, "To make my voice heard; to find out how", I know that "the job is done". Especially when I think back to the Graduation Hoop.


The Certification Seal 

In this ritual, we introduce ourselves and are welcomed as teachers by the Movement Medicine community.

Participants form an alley, with the teacher at the beginning. At the finish, the hoop with Susannah and Y'Aacov, the founders, behind, Manari Ushigua - Shaman of the indigenous Sapara community - and people of our choice.

Just the thought of walking up that aisle alone with all eyes on me was a source of stress. That's why I'd forgotten that before that, I'd be asked to express the intention of my teaching. Panic! No time to think, I had to keep it simple, go straight to the point. "What's important to me? What brought me here?"

Here's what came out: "I dedicate my work to helping shy people find enough security to dare to express themselves. Often society doesn't listen to them and their wisdom is lost." A moment of alignment. It seems so simple all of a sudden. On the one hand, a space to learn to listen to silence: to those we don't hear. On the other hand, to create safe spaces in which the "silent" understand the value of their expression. I feel strongly about this because it's my story.

Finally, I gave myself a few extra seconds to dance down the aisle and enjoy the moment. In the days that followed, several people came up to me to say they'd been touched by my words. At first I was surprised, then I felt welcome as I was, and above all my voice - simple and naked - was heard...


What I'm trying to convey

Movement Medicine has enabled me to accept myself as I am, to go beyond my own judgments and dare to express who I am, and to open up to the world: to connect with others authentically, without hiding or forgetting myself. I feel more fulfilled and confident in my ability to fulfill myself. I haven't flown off into a cuddly carefree world where everything is nice and easy. I simply have more confidence in my ability to weather storms. And this confidence is based on the recognition of my resources, my limits and also on the quality of the relationships I build.

This is what I want to transmit through Movement Medicine. Workshop after workshop to connect with the freedom to be yourself, to realize yourself and feel fulfillment.

Thank you for the conscious dance

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Mixcloud est une plateforme qui permet, entre autres, aux Dj de poster leur musique tout en prenant soin de rétribuer les musiciens. Je poste des mixes c’est à dire que les morceaux s’enchainent sans blanc. Ils ont été enregistrés en live pendant les cours. vous pouvez les utiliser pour danser chez vous. Apparement, ils sont aussi sympas à écouter en voiture, en faisant la cuisine. En général, le rythme commence calme, il monte en rapidité et intensité puis redescend. 

Mixcloud a une version gratuite sans pub. On vous demandera quand même certainement de fournir une adresse email. 

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