Dance to feel free and alive!



Danser pour se faire plaisir 

Dancing to learn to love 

Dancing for self-confidence

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Movement to feel free and alive

Freeing your dance means finding the path to your deepest nature and expressing it fully in every facet of your life.

Dancing is a convivial, light-hearted and often festive activity that connects us to ourselves and to others.

In Movement Medicine, movement is allowed to emerge on its own, without seeking aesthetics or performance. The teacher guides, i.e. gives oral instructions. This guidance helps to let go of the mind and focus on the body. It leads to movement by drawing attention to a particular part of the body or by proposing an intention.

Free dance: (re)connect with your body to:

  • Develop a caring relationship with yourself and your body
  • Increase self-presence, self-confidence and self-love
  • Feeling and expressing emotions so that they no longer overwhelm me
  • Release what limits me
  • Inviting creativity or newness into my life


Letting go




Free dance practice

Dancing for pleasure, Dancing to evolve 


You can practice free dance as a leisure activity to relax and do yourself good with lightness, joy and conviviality. If you wish, Movement Medicine can also be used to learn about yourself and explore your relationship with others. For me, it has been an enormous lever forpersonal evolution.

Several formats are available, depending on your geographical location, the possibilities of your schedule and your intention: well-being/leisure or personal development.

You 're welcome with or without dance experience and no special physical requirements.


Regular classes: fun and relaxation

1 to 2 hours of regular physical activity in Aix-en-Provence or online via Zoom.

They're open to all - even those joining during the year. You can choose to come by the session (with no commitment) or to register for 10 classes or for the year.

Thematic workshops: personal development

Thematic workshops provide an opportunity toexplore a particular theme in greater depth.

The longer courses offer more interactive exercises andalternate between time in movement and time for exchange.

One-to-one lessons: privacy, personal attention

- For a specific problem for which you would like my full attention attention.

- For greater confidentiality.

- Need a step before dancing in the presence of the group.

Thematic workshops and courses

Find out about upcoming workshops and courses

Free your dance

Vendredi 22 sept.

19:30 -21:30


Ouverture de la billetterie le 16 sept ici

Habiter son corps 

Samedi 14 octobre

14:00 - 16:30


(registration required)

Choosing Love

Sunday, June 25

10:30 - 17:00





In the company

Dancing to develop your skills

Halfway between meditation and bodily expression, free movement allows you to refocus on your body. The simple act of returning to one's sensations helps develop intuition and many of the skills associated with emotional intelligence:

  • Presence - Self-confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Managing stress and emotions
  • Creativity - Innovation
  • Vision - Gaining height
  • Interpersonal relations

Movement Medicine

Medicine is movement

Movement Medicine, also known as Danse Médecine in France, is meditation in movement and to music. This practice enables us to connect with our innermost being, in order to connect with others and with the world. The Movement Medicine school was founded in 2006 by an English couple, Susannah and Ya'acov Darling Khan.

Movement Medicine is one of the Free Movement dances, along with 5 Rhythms Dance, Open Floor, Life Art Process and Ecstatic Dance.

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A free dance workshop is a time to take good care of yourself and your emotions. It's a time to let go of the mind and explore your own body. Workshops are also times for connection andexchange with other participants, enabling us to explore our relationship with others and with our environment.