Welcoming the beautiful autumn

October 2021

? Welcome autumn with serenity?

This week, we'll be dancing to welcome autumn. The classes will be an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the "fruits" of summer, then to let them go and return to the essentials.
An opportunity to connect with the cyclical wisdom of nature as it refocuses and rests, only to be reborn again in spring.

Change of season

Nature knows that the exuberant expansion of summer cannot last forever. It consumes far too much energy. In addition, the leaves carry the water-laden raw sap up to them, weakening the tree in the event of frost. So when the days get shorter than the nights, the tree stops feeding its fruit and leaves. The leaves take on their pretty orange hues, then detach and fall off. Mature fruit can be harvested and enjoyed. If not, they can be reseeded to create a new tree. But yes, there's nothing dramatic about it - life goes on! It's simply the end of a cycle. A necessary end to trigger the renewal of the next cycle.

In the dance, we can explore the fruits of our summer. We take the time to recall the highlights of a summer in motion. Before letting them go, we savor them again by celebrating them and thanking those with whom we experienced them. This triggers joy and gratitude, it triggers frustration, sadness or even fear. And all this has its place in our protected dance space. There's no need to talk or explain. We're just there.

Back to basics

For me, it's the image of trees letting go of their leaves, reducing the rising sap. It's their way of resting and refocusing inward. A return to basics after an outward-looking summer. A time of retreat and rest.

I don't know about the trees and I don't know about you, but right now I'm having a particularly hard time letting go and giving myself a rest at the end of the day. And when I go to bed, my body falls asleep but my head seems to think and reflect all night long. It goes wild and I don't know how to stop it. It's my dance practice that helps me. It brings me back into the body and helps me let go of the "leaves" of my thoughts. So my intention for my morning practice right now is often: "just feel my body", because I know it will calm my thoughts.

After dancing, my body is more present and full, which makes me feel more solid and full. My mind is calmer. I'm ready to define my priorities and let go of what's less important without feeling guilty or drowning. I'm more in tune with myself: centered.


Dancing together

Of course, anyone can turn on the music and start moving around their bedroom or living room. It costs nothing. No one sees you...

There are many advantages to taking a course with us:

  • the first is the large room, where you have plenty of room to express yourself without banging your head against a piece of furniture (my big toenail can testify to this)
  • A second could be change. When we dance at home, we often tend to use the same music and stick to the same movements. Repetition has its virtues. And also, after a while, you get bored. During a class, I offer you guidance to explore new ways of moving and give intention to the movement. You can also try out the movements of other dancers around you.
  • Which brings me to the third benefit: coming to the class allows you to meet people who, like you, like to dance just for the fun of it. Or people who, like you, feel a little vulnerable dancing in front of others. People who want to feel better about themselves and their bodies.



Everyone comes with their own story, we dance together, and if we wish, we can share a little at the end. And then, each of us returns to our daily lives. Light or full, emptied of excess or filled with joy. After a gentle, intense interlude, a little out of time and totally out of the everyday.

Looking forward to dancing with you



?Dancing the equinox?

? A musical mix for dancing at home


A journey to savor the exuberance of summer once again. Spread out. Let go, feel the nostalgia. Then gather again, a little lighter. 
It starts smoothly, rises and shakes a little, and comes down again, gliding like leaves in the wind...

Where and when to practice

Want to give it a try? You are welcome in your physical condition of the moment, with or without experience dance experience.

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