Libère ta danse private lessons

A personalized approach

An individual conscious dance session

A time for listening through dance
Tailored to your needs 

Why choose private tuition?

Movement Medicine, formerly known as Danse Médecine in France, is also practiced in individual sessions. Some examples,

  • if you need special attention,
  • if you wish to work on a specific theme
  • if you feel too shy to dance with the group
  • or simply if you're not available at the proposed times.

By developing body awareness, Movement Medicine develops self-knowledge and self-acceptance. As a result, your perception of life changes, and you feel stronger and more confident.

    Learning to know yourself to learn to love yourself

    Exploration, discovery and recognition

    The practice of Movement Medicine naturally leads to the development of self-esteem and self-confidence :

    • curious, sensitive and caringexploration of your body and sensations, for greater self-acceptance
    • the discover the infinite creativity of the body's body movement
    • recognition of the uniqueness of each individual
    • setting emotions in motion to release them and stop being overwhelmed.

    The power of dance

    In practice

    The session lasts 1 hour and is divided into 3 parts:

    1. Gathering your expectations
    2. The practice of Movement Medicine
    3. A time to share your feelings



    Online session via Zoom: €60 

    In-person session in Aix-en-Provence: €80

    At home: €80 + travel expenses

    Travel expenses :

    - Within a radius of 15km from La Fare-les-Oliviers: 0€.

    - Examples beyond 15km: Marseille (€20), Aix-en-Provence (€15), Salon-de-Provence - Marignane - St Cannat (€10)


    Through movement, my body tells what words cannot. For the first time, there's a place and a time where I can safely, simply and authentically put down my mask. Or rather, to put on my masks one workshop at a time. In this exploration, I can make mistakes and start again as many times as I need to.

    Make an appointment

    Movement Medicine enables us to get in touch with the most authentic part of ourselves. The courses provide a safe space for getting to know it and taming it. In this way, it becomes a resource we can draw on in our daily lives.

    To make an appointment or request further information, please contact me by e-mail, telephone or using the form below. 

    Tel: 06 66 10 44 52


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    I found...

    "The sudden, unexpected, disconcerting emergence of an emotion: anger and its tears".

    The Blog

    Free dances, and Movement Medicine in particular, have changed my life by altering my perception of the world and the way I interact with others.

    In my blog, I share my experiences to help you understand how dance can become a tool for personal transformation.

    Mars - Nurturing dreams through dance

    Mars - Nurturing dreams through dance

    Giving time and attention to your dreams, taking small steps in their direction, is in itself exhilarating and a way of enjoying life. But it's also simply the way to make them come true. Not convinced? Give it a try...