La Movement Medicine Danser pour se libérer

What is Movement Medicine?

A guided free dance
Freeing movement
Intention and transformation
Dancing for yourself

Meditation in motion

Movement Medicine, formerly known as Danse Médecine, is a free dance practice. I see free dance as a fusion of dance and meditation. It's a form of bodily expression that develops self-awareness through movement.

A guided free dance

La danse est libre dans le fait qu’il n’y a généralement pas  de mouvement à reproduire, pas de chorégraphie. Pour autant, cela ne signifie pas qu’il n’y a pas de cadre. L’enseignant-e donne une structure à l’atelier par sa guidance (les instructions) et sa musique.  Je propose des intentions, des explorations et des inspirations qui soutiennent et orientent le mouvement. Autant d’invitations à essayer de nouvelles manières de sentir et ressentir son corps.  Il s’agit de sortir des schémas et habitudes répétés inconsciemment.

A space in which I can take the freedom to dance for myself. Forgetting all that's going on around me (even the music) to explore my world. It's a time and a space for myself.

According to its creators

In this video, Y'Aacov and Susannah Darling Khan, co-creators of Movement Medicine, explain what it's all about with some footage filmed during a workshop.

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A movement towards freedom

1. Authenticity

Freeing our dances from value judgments: no good movement, just the one that's there. The dance I can dance today. It may not be as aesthetic as I'd hoped. But it's right.

2. Pleasure

Improvise in a real dance hall, without worrying about what others around you might think. An interlude in a life that's 100 miles an hour and always with its head on the handlebars.

3. Intention and transformation

Dance my dance until it changes. The movement of the body induces a movement in the mind. Thespace we create and occupywithin ourselves changes the way we look at the world. Movement Medicine is just a dance, but it's also a tremendous space for personal transformation.


Practicing Movement Medicine

Want to give it a try? Find out about upcoming workshops and themed courses below.

Free your dance

Vendredi 22 sept.

19:30 -21:30


Ouverture de la billetterie le 16 sept ici

Habiter son corps 

Samedi 14 octobre

14:00 - 16:30


(registration required)

Choosing Love

Sunday, June 25

10:30 - 17:00





Looking for regular activity?

Weekly classes are available in Aix-en-Provence

Pour vous permettre de découvrir la pratique, inscrivez-vous pour un cours d’essai gratuit le 5,12 ou 19 septembre.  

Once you've experienced the benefits, you can practice by the session, by card of 10 classes (perfect when you're only available every other week) or by annual subscription, depending on your needs and schedule.

I found

"beauty, ritual, depth... and modesty too."