Dancing for reinvention

March 2022

? Dancing and reinventing ?

In this article, I share a personal assessment after 3 years in which I was able to teach Movement Medicine full-time without any financial stakes. It's even more personal and intimate than usual.  
If you only want to collect images of perfect women that nothing can touch, you've come to the wrong place. As far as possible, I try to leave my Wonderwoman costume in the checkroom ... If you're interested in sharing the story of a woman on her way to freedom, you're welcome.
It's simply a question of deepening the bond between us by sharing with you the reality of my humanity, as I discover it without complacency and with kindness.


As spring approaches, I sow new seeds and readjust my positioning. Over the past three years, I've come to understand what I can offer you (and what I can't). As a result, I feel the need to redefine my project and the way I carry it out. This re-alignment is developing in four directions: my presence, the affirmation of my value, a better understanding of the meaning of my commitment and the protection of my freedom. After having made sudden changes in my life several times, I'm now experimenting with implementing these changes gradually, i.e. without forcing them...

Presence - Recognizing how far we've come

First the brand: the name will evolve to become more "Movement Medicine with Solange" and a little less " Libère ta danse ". Libère ta danse remains a workshop theme, a guideline and a differentiation from other Movement Medicine teachers. This change will be visible in the evolution of my visuals and logo.

Sound benign?

For me, it feels like a deep re-alignment to bring me closer to what I feel today. I feel like I'm planting my roots in a stable environment. I feel soothed.

+ More from Movement Medicine

It's possible thanks to the journey we've made over the past three years on the theme of "not good enough". Since the official authorization in October 2018 to use the Movement Medicine brand, it's been present but not always obvious. Sometimes (often for me), you're welcome somewhere but find it hard to feel like you belong. This practice has given me so much that I didn't feel up to it. Today, I feel legitimately part of the Movement Medicine family of teachers, where I can take my place and benefit from the brand's notoriety.

Libère ta danse

Libérer ma Danse remains the story of my life, both metaphorically and in the reality of my passion for dance. I need to take a less offensive stance, less "forward head first", more "deposited in the lower part of my spine", relaxed, confident. To be less effortful and more welcoming, available to what comes my way, confident.

When you are sufficiently present to yourself (attention and acceptance), you can relax and express yourself with fluidity.



Affirmation - Recognizing the value of my proposal

My prices will change between now and the start of the new school year. Firstly, of course, for the financial aspect. I've always tried to make my workshops as accessible as possible. Today, my situation is changing and I can no longer afford to do that. This value remains important to me. I'm transferring to you the ability to redistribute if you're in abundance. In concrete terms, you'll be able to buy a ticket at a slightly higher price than the normal rate (abundant rate). Each of these tickets will give rise to a solidarity ticket reduced by the same amount.

 Beyond the purely financial aspect, it's also my way of affirming the value of what I offer. I recognize my commitment, my work, my attention and the quality of what I bring to my workshops. I've heard what it's worth to you, and I thank you for offering it in return.

 It also means letting go of the need to please everyone (at all costs). I have no control over how what I give is received. Not everyone feels immediate well-being and pleasure, not everyone feels touched by my proposal. In seeking to adapt (to please you), I have explored and defined what suits me. What I can and know how to propose. This is now my anchor point from which to radiate and develop.



Being in touch - Recognizing my mission

Create and develop deep, balanced and nourishing relationships with each other. Living together. Is there any other meaning to our life on Earth?

Over the past three years, I've often wondered what makes Movement Medicine different from other free dance practices. Today, I think it's working on relationships. Using dance to bring awareness to one's relationship with oneself, with others and with the world. In particular, with the emblematic MESA (Movement of Energetic Spacial Awareness) exercises.

Personally, it enabled me to discover that by taking care of the relationship with myself, I was more and above all "better" available to others. To feel how my emotions work within me, so that they don't systematically govern all my reactions. This has led to a profound change in my ability to connect with others.

This practice also enables me to understand what's right for me and what's not, to stop taking the place that pleases or suits others, and to take the only place that suits me. Every day a little more, in perpetual evolution. In other words, my ability to connect with the world and take my place in it.


Come and meet us

It's with these new skills and a better vision of myself that I'd like to come and meet you. To dance "sometimes work" together on the relationship. Entering into a relationship, developing a relationship, staying in a relationship and, if necessary, ending a relationship.

Starting this month (March 2022), monthly workshops will be held in Marseille. And next month, I hope, in La Ciotat, Salon-de-Provence and La-Fare. I'll also be in Paris on April 3, 2022 to replace Clément Léon. It's an exceptional move, as there are already so many opportunities in Paris at conscious dance .

The workshops in Aix-en-Provence continue, of course, every Tuesday until the end of June, as my commitment to you, my regular followers, continues unabated. In fact, they will remain at the same rate until the end of the season for those who come regularly.



Protecting my freedom - Acknowledging my responsibility

This winter has enabled me to refocus and that these actions to evolve my dance activity allow me to align myself with what drives me today. At the same time, I'm in the process of evolving my lifestyle.

After 3 years totally dedicated to learning my new profession as a "teacher at conscious dance " and with the aim of making a living from my passion. The conclusion is clear: dance does not meet my financial needs as an independent woman with 2 children. So I'm coming to the end of this period. At the same time, I feel sad. And I'm honoured and proud to have had and seized this opportunity.


Back to business

Anchored in this reality, I started applying for jobs and assignments in financial control and financial management on a timeshare basis. This is the area of expertise of my former life. I want to develop a stable income and this will certainly be easier with a more conventional activity. I'm not looking for a food job, I'm looking for an activity that appeals to me, excites me, motivates me and makes me want to get up (almost) every morning with a banana.

Another income so that I can continue to offer workshops that correspond to who I am. Without trying to compromise because of the financial pressure linked to the small number of dancers. In building and exchanging a healthy relationship with those to whom what I offer brings something.



I don't know what tomorrow will bring. 3 years ago, I was sick (sciatica) at the thought of what I'm going through now. Today, I look at the situation with confidence. I'm getting myself together and finally taking the time to fix my back. My life is going to change in the next few months, and I don't yet know how or in what way. That's exciting too.

Everything is open... possible... to be built...

Looking forward to dancing with you



? Watering the Past ?

? A musical mix to listen to or dance to at home


Dig inside. Looking back. Searching for the truth about those who came before me. To feel inside by looking at them. Listening attentively to all the sensations and emotions that rise up, giving them shape and movement with my body. Inviting transparency and healing into areas of secrecy and shame. Dealing with my judgments: is it possible to find a ground of understanding? If yes, that's good; if no, that's good too. Knowing where I stand requires a long and respectful journey. Feel how the pain of the past creates strength, courage, determination, sensitivity and care for others. To explore the healing power of care and unconditional attention.

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