Who am I?

Teacher of conscious dance in Aix-en-Provence

My passion for dance to help you reconnect with your body

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Solange.

I have been offering conscious dance workshops in Aix-en-Provence since 2019. I've always loved and practiced dance, but until I discovered conscious dance, I didn't want to make it my profession. 

 The discovery of conscious dance was a revelation for the dance enthusiast that I am! A way of dancing that is accessible to all, that has the power to make me feel better, and through which I can help others.

A place and a time to find myself, to let my emotions rise andexpress themselves, to search for who I am and explore the freedom in this sensation.


From participant (dancer) to teacher

I obviously wanted to go further. I read Gabrielle Roth's book (the founder of the best-known practice - the Dance of the 5 Rhythms). I started practicing in Marseille with Guillaume Laplane. We created the Libradanse association, which offers workshops at conscious dance in Marseille twice a week, using a variety of practices: 5 Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, OpenFloor, Life Art Process, Movement Medicine, Stellar Medicine Dance, and so on. What a richness! A whole new world opened up for me. 

Of all the practices, Movement Medicine touched me the most and helped me evolve. From the very first weekend of the course, I looked my father's disappearance in the face (19 years earlier!) and finally got back on track and finalized my mourning process.

To go further, I continued with the Apprenticeship (a personal one-year course - a prerequisite for access to vocational training). It was as if the path had opened up: I had the funding, the availability of my mom to look after my children and the days off. I went for it. Then, the following year, I went on to professional training. Finally, I took a little more time to get certified in 2021.


Supporting and accompanying you through my passion for dance

The simple act of developing body awareness leads to greater benevolence towards oneself. Building a peaceful relationship with your body naturally improves your relationship with yourself. You feel more confident and serene. A space conducive to the development of self-esteem.

That's why I share with passion, generosity and tenderness, the "techniques" acquired through Movement Medicine training, my almost daily practice and life experiences.


Dance as a means of expression

Discreet but very present, I listen to you, curious about what you have to say and welcoming who you are. In a world where shyness is often seen as a weakness, shyness is my strength. Because it's shyness that teaches me how to create the right conditions for you to feel welcome and safe enough to let yourself be carried along by the movement. Whatever your previous experience of dance.

With gentleness and delicacy, I take you on an introspective and intimate journey to the heart of yourself. In search of benevolence, but also of acceptance and even wonder of this body. For it carries within it infinite capacities for movement and self-healing. Dance becomes the medium for doing yourself good and moving forward on your path of personal evolution.

In the blog, I regularly publish experience sharing on what has touched me in the Movement Medicine and what I'm trying to pass on.

Wellness and Personal Development

  • Develop a caring relationship with yourself and your body
  • Increase self-presence, self-confidence and self-love
  • Feeling and expressing emotions so that they no longer overwhelm me
  • Release what limits me
  • Inviting creativity or newness into my life






    Reconnecting with your being

    My passion for dance

    A consuming passion

    I started dancing at the age of 6: Ballet and Modern Jazz, then Rock, Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Tango,...

    In class, at parties, in workshops, the more I dance, the more I want to dance. My granddaughter only stops when she gets tired.

    A fusion of Meditation and Dance

    The discovery of free dances was a real revelation for the way I approach dance and my body. I no longer force it to reproduce a movement as perfectly as possible, I let it take the form that feels good to it. In search of continuous movement, I shape, deform and reshape myself. I no longer memorize choreographies, I pay attention to every part of my body to detect a sensation or sense an emotion.

    As in meditation, my mind is present to observe (without judgment). I move to release and evacuate stress, I let go of emotions buried during the day, the week or even longer...

    Compared to improvising alone in my living room or kitchen? There's more room (which means less risk of injury), a nice wooden floor and the opportunity to interact with the group.

    Solange BRELOT
    Certified Movement Medicine Teacher

    Want to give it a try?

    Choose your format:

    At conscious dance, everyone discovers their own body at their own pace. For example, simply by exploring all the different ways of moving each part of the body. You don't need to know how to dance to enjoy an infinite range of movement possibilities. 

    Several formats are available to suit your needs, location, schedule and objectives: well-being and relaxation, personal development or customized work on a theme of your choice.

    Dancing for pleasure: Weekly classes

    1 to 2 hours of regular physical activity in Aix-en-Provence and online via Zoom.

    Classes are open to all - even those joining during the year. You can choose to come by the session or to register (quarterly, yearly, 10-class card).

    Dancing to evolve: Thematic workshops and courses

    Thematic workshops provide an opportunity toexplore a particular theme in greater depth

    The longer courses offer more interactive exercises andalternate between time in movement and time for exchange.

    Private Dancing Lessons

    If you have a specific specific personal issue for which you'd like my full attention or more confidentiality. Or if you don't feel ready to dance in the presence of the group. It's possible to schedule one or more private lessons.

    Themed workshops and courses


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    18:45 - 21:00





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    Libère ta danse

    Vendredi 22 mars

    19:30 -21:30


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    Saturday, February 10

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