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Teacher of conscious dance in Aix-en-Provence

Discover my Personal and Professional Journey in the conscious dance

Discover my Personal and Professional Journey in the conscious dance

My approach: from lack of confidence to inner freedom

Hello, my name is Solange, and I'm a passionate conscious dance teacher, specializing in the development of self-confidence. Allow me to share with you my background and my passion for this transformative practice.

I'm here to guide you through conscious dance, a method that has the power to unleash your inner potential and boost your self-confidence. I chose to specialize in this field because a lack of confidence is part of my personal history and has long been an obstacle to my personal development.

Discovering conscious dance was a revelation for me, showing me the power of dance as a means of healing and personal transformation. I love to dance and accompanying you through conscious dance allows me to have a positive impact on the Earth, helping you to feel stronger and more confident in your being.


My journey: Emancipation through conscious dance


My career path began with international management studies in France and the United States, followed by a career in aeronautics. However, despite my successes, an inner emptiness persisted, driving me to seek a deeper connection with myself and others.

 In 2016, the discovery of conscious dance was a revelation. I then decided to follow my passion by dedicating myself to teaching it. In 2019, I founded my conscious dance community, creating a welcoming and inclusive space for all those seeking to connect with themselvesthrough dance.

 Trained at the School of Movement Medicine in England by Susannah and Y'Aacov Darling Khan, pioneers in the field, I have drawn on their 30 years ofexperience to enrich my teaching. Alongside my courses, I also work in institutions (social and cultural centers and hospitals), observing the transformative power of conscious dance.

As a divorced mother of two, my life experience has given me a deep understanding of personal challenges. This feeds into my empathetic and compassionate approach to teaching, creating a safe space where everyone can flourish.

As a teacher of conscious danceI'm here to guide you on your journey to personalfulfillment . Join me on this adventure of the dance of life.

solange Brelot

conscious dance and Self-confidence

  • Develop a caring relationship with yourself and your body
  • Increase self-presence, self-confidence and self-love
  • Feeling and expressing emotions so that they no longer overwhelm me
  • Release what limits me
  • Inviting creativity or newness into my life






Reconnecting with your being

My passion for dance

A consuming passion

I started dancing at the age of 6: Ballet and Modern Jazz, then Rock, Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Tango,...

In class, at parties, in workshops, the more I dance, the more I want to dance. My granddaughter only stops when she gets tired.

A fusion of Meditation and Dance

The discovery of free dances was a real revelation for the way I approach dance and my body. I no longer force it to reproduce a movement as perfectly as possible, I let it take the form that feels good to it. In search of continuous movement, I shape, deform and reshape myself. I no longer memorize choreographies, I pay attention to every part of my body to detect a sensation or sense an emotion.

As in meditation, my mind is present to observe (without judgment). I move to release and evacuate stress, I let go of emotions buried during the day, the week or even longer...

Compared to improvising alone in my living room or kitchen? There's more room (which means less risk of injury), a nice wooden floor and the opportunity to interact with the group.

Solange BRELOT
Certified Movement Medicine Teacher

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Complexe Ruocco dance hall

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