Petite Bulle de Douceur

April 2020 - Special

Practice at home

A short practice to do at home.
The aim is simply to take time for yourself and give yourself comfort. It's best not to have any expectations, but you'll feel more relaxed, calm and serene afterwards.

Allow 15min.

I suggest the following sequence:

- Read the text

- Watch the video

- Experimenting with music for you

In reality, there's no real order between text and video. The text explains the video, the video explains the text.

Petite Bulle de douceur - The text

Exploring the body surface

Close your eyes.

Let yourself be lulled by breathing

Palpate skin or clothing

Explore every part of this complex

Separately: torso, arms, head, legs, feet



Feel the contours

What you offer when you hug someone

The footprint we leave in the air around us

Feel at the surface of contact with the outside world

The skin - the boundary between inside and outside

From there 2 directions are possible internal or external



Diving inside

Walk around again to become aware of everything under the skin

Hidden from our view, flesh, structure, emptiness and fullness

Recognizing what we keep to ourselves

Out of modesty, fear of hurting or being hurt

Take a moment to feel what's there

Today. Now.

It'll probably be different later on

Feel the infinite universe hidden here inside


Back to the surface

Nothing's changed, but everything's different

I look with different eyes

Start moving to explore the space around you

Hear, see, touch

Feel how this body interacts, changes its imprint in the air


Expand your field

Feel again the sensations that made me feel good

Imagining this nature to which I no longer have access

Connecting with my loved ones in my thoughts

Imagine them moving with me

The less likely it is to happen, the more fun it is...


Petite Bulle de Douceur - The video

Music: Ab Ovo by Joep Beving

Petite Bulle de Douceur - Music

Experimenting with music for you

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