Define your intention

Saturday, January 7th




Define your intention for 2023

To begin this new year, I suggest you define your intention for 2023 in the dance.
An intention is like a compass, we can refer to it when we feel lost. At the beginning of the year, we clarify what we want and take stock of our resources and needs. Then we regularly move forward in steps - sometimes like an ant - sometimes like a giant. From time to time, we come back to measure how far we have come with contentment and compassion.

Defining your intention allows you to draw a direction towards which to focus your energy. It is a matter of choosing where I focus my attention.

The intention does not know the way, like the river that winds towards the sea according to its unique route.

An intention is not fixed, it evolves according to what we discover on the way. At times, it becomes more precise. At other times, it opens up to new possibilities...

During this workshop, we will use dance movement to define our intention, to put it into movement, to embody it in your body and not to lose sight of it during the year but also to celebrate our discoveries.

Practical information

Movement Medicine workshop in Aix-en-Provence in partnership with AUC Danse libre

Saturday January 7th from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm

at the Ruocco Dance Hall - Residence Li Passéroun - 348 Avenue Gaston Berger - Aix-en-Provence

Rates : Normal : 30€ - Early Bird : 25€ (in presale here until January 5th)

******* Registration required ********

Free dance is open to everyone with or without previous dance experience. Each of us carries our own dance. I want to help you to let "your" own dance emerge.
Looking forward to dancing with you,



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